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Graphic Design

Turn Ideas Into
Eye-Catching Visuals

From compelling social media graphics to impactful printed materials, we bring innovation and artistic flair to every piece.

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Social Media Magic

Our visuals and graphics aren’t just scroll-stoppers; they’re conversation starters. From witty carousels to stories that tell a tale, we're likely to make your brand the talk of the town.

Print Design Power

From point-of-sale materials to outdoor advertising. We craft each piece to ensure it communicates your brand’s essence.

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Ads That Actually Work

Forget the digital equivalent of shouting into the void. Our ad designs are like magnets for your target audience, designed to attract, engage, and persuade with the right mix of creativity and strategy.


We design e-commerce communication that are as user-friendly as they are beautiful, ensuring every click leads to satisfaction and sales.


Learn more about our Online Merchandising service here.

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Let's Talk!

Are you ready to say goodbye to the bland and welcome the wow?

Whether it's digital prowess or print perfection you're after, we're here to turn your vision into visual masterpieces. 

agenthuset nordic team

Head of Creative

Madeleine Linderholm

agenthuset nordic team

Business Unit Manager

Julia Lindberg

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