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Concept & Brand ID

Create Unique Stories and Visual Identities

Step into our workshop of wonder, where we blend artistic flair with strategic prowess.

Brand Discovery

Think of this as a playdate but for your brand.

We'll dig deep, exploring your brand's dreams, values, and what makes it tick. 

Spy on the Competition

Okay, not actual spying, but we'll dive into some serious detective work - scoping out the flaws, and strengths, to find that sweet spot where your brand can shine. It's all about standing out in the best way possible.

Research, user, competition, concept, branding
Concept and Brand design, brainstorm, ideation, marketing concept


This is where the fun begins. Armed with insights,

we brainstorm and shape the core idea that becomes the heartbeat of your brand or marketing concept.

Crafting Your Look

From logos, fonts, to carefully curated color palettes. Our approach ensures a cohesive and memorable identity across all touchpoints, embodying your brand’s unique character in a way that resonates and connects. 

Branding, crafting your brand, logotype, visuals
Brand Book, brandbook, customer delivery, delivery handoff

Brand Book

To keep the party going, we'll hand over a Brand Book – your go-to guide for all things brand-related. It's like a recipe book, but instead of cakes, it's for keeping your brand's vibe consistent, no matter where it goes.

Let's Talk!

Ready to bring your vision to life?

Whether you're curious about the process, ready to dive in,

or just want to chat about possibilities, we'd love to hear from you.

agenthuset nordic team

Head of Creative

Madeleine Linderholm

agenthuset nordic team

Business Unit Manager

Julia Lindberg

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